Sunday, August 19, 2012

4th of July

Over the week of July 4th the entire Carpenter-Biggers-Crawford clan and Uncle Brent and Jackie went to the lake to enjoy some summer fun and relaxation.  We all had a wonderful time  playing together all week.  It is times like this that I love to watch the kids making memories and sharing happy moments in life that I know they will treasure for a lifetime. 
American Flag fruit for breakfast on July 4th.

Blackberry cobbler made from fresh blackberries
Birthday boy!

Celebrating Grayson's 4th birthday

Abby bought water guns for the kids for the birthday party.  You can tell who was having all the fun! 

Matney became a professional gun fighter

Celebrating July 4th with the annual Sportsman Cove parade

One evening we couldn't find Matney downstairs.  Brandon went to look for her and this is how we found her.  She is quite the monkey and loves soap!

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